Theoria Technical College program of study that involves a sequence of courses that integrates core academic knowledge with technical and occupational knowledge to provide students with a pathway to post secondary education and careers in Early Childhood Development. Our courses are organized by industry experts in the field of Early Childhood Education.

Students of Theoria are required to complete 3 components in order to earn their ECE units. The timeline you complete these 3 components is completely up to you, the student but No more than 90 days after their lecture date.  The order in which you complete these three components is also up to you.  What are the three components required to earn ECE units with Theoria?


1. Attendance and participation in a 15-hour lecture

(on-line (Distance Education) or on-site)

2. Completed Independent Study Assignments

(30 hrs)


3. Completed Practicum - both the time sheet and evaluation (45 hours)

Early Childhood Education Program

In the field of Early Childhood Development, the need for quality early educators who have a passion for children and solid foundation in the practices and theories of Early Childhood Development is critical to the overall development of children and vital to the increasing need for industry advancement. To this end, we work diligently to bridge the gap between the typical academic classroom experience and the day-to-day demands of the early childhood classroom and program by:

  • Preparing courses of study where the learning is reflective of what is expected in the Early Childhood Development Classroom. The method of this learning is the exchange of lessons which have been prepared by the faculty with consultation from the child development community and consultants.

  • These courses are taught by professionals who not only have excelled academically in the field of early childhood education but who have also hands-on experience working in the field of early childhood development.


Our faculty is comprised of practicing business professionals who, in combination with solid educational credentials and a strong desire to teach, provide a unique education that is immediately useful on the job.


Theoria Technical College offers programs that keep up with the requirements of the business world. Our programs enable students to earn the credits they need to advance their career in the shortest timeframe possible, consistent with quality education, without having to give up their present jobs.


Although the specific goals of every student are different, your decision to further your education will be the "defining moment" for you as you begin the rest of your life.


Theoria Technical College Offers the following

Program and Courses

- Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education (60 units)

- ECE/CDA-100 Child Growth and Development (3 ECE Units)

- ECE/CDA-200 Child, Family, and Community (3 ECE Units)

- ECE/CDA-300 Program Curriculum Theories, Methods, and Materials (3 ECE Units)

- ECE/CDA-400 Infant/Toddler Development and Care (3 ECE Units)

- ECE/CDA-500 Early Childhood Program Administration and Management (3 ECE Units)

- ECE/CDA-600 Preventive Health, Safety, and Nutrition with Pediatric First-Aid and CPR (3 ECE Units)

Our courses have three (3) components that must be completed for students to earn their three (3) units.
  1. 30 hours of Independent Study Assignments including reading assignments,
  2. 45 hours of Practicum they can complete while working at their current child development program or volunteering at a child development program, and
  3. 15 hours of attending a 2-day lecture of instruction, which can be done either on-site at our beautiful high-tech, state-of-the-art Carlsbad facility, or participating online with our interactive - live lecture that same day.
There is no particular order in which these three (3) components can be completed as long as they are completed within 90-days after attending the 2-day lecture.
Independent Study and Reading Assignments:  
Once enrollment has been completed students will receive their course syllabus that consists of their class assignments, policies and required Independent Study and Reading Assignments.  Assignments can be completed prior to sitting in the 2-day lecture or up to 30 days after attending the 2-day lecture.  The number of assignments varies from to course to course for an average of about 10 assignments per course.
The practicum is like work experience.  Students are required to complete 45 hours of practicum at the center they are currently working at or by volunteering at a licensed child care facility.  If students need assistance in locating a volunteer practicum location, they should contact Theoria's Operations Department who will try to help with placement.
The 15-hour lecture can be completed by either attending in-person at our Carlsbad facility or by attending on-line the very same lecture in a live interactive online classroom.  In this live environment, you will be able to see, hear, and interact with the instructor, the on-site students, and online students.  
Delivery Methods
Theoria Technical College has two-course delivery methods. 
  1. On-site at our School Campus: 5857 Owens Avenue, Suite 300, Carlsbad, Ca 92008 (currently not available due to COVID-19)
  2. Online (Distance Education) in our live-interactive virtual learning environment.
In order to participate in the Distance Education Program, students need access to: A laptop, desktop computer, Ipad, iPhone or Andriod , a good wifi or internet connection

Theoria Technical College offers open enrollment. Students may enroll at any time.  Upon enrollment, students will receive orientation instruction as to school policies and procedures required to comply with the school, regulations, and outlining established tuition, fees, and charges.



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 "A College with a Vision. A Career with  a Focus."

CDA Council


  • Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education 

  • Child Growth and Development

  • Child, Family, and Community 

  • Curriculum Theories, Methods, and Materials

  • ​Infant/Toddler Development and Care 

  • Early Childhood Program Administration and Management

  • Preventive Health, Safety, and Nutrition with Pediatric First-Aid and CPR

Theoria Technical College

Early Childhood Education

ECE Units Online Classes

5857 Owens Avenue, Suite 300

Carlsbad, CA  92008

Office: (760) 487-8436


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