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Theoria Technical College provides internship opportunities to Theorian students. Below is a handbook that is designed to help community organizations and businesses create quality internship programs that meet Theoria’s expectations for approved internships. If you have questions that are not addressed, please contact the Operations Department at 760.487.8436 or .

What is an academic internship?

Quality academic internships are learning experiences facilitated by collaborative community partners that help students achieve personal and professional growth and competitive advantage in the global workforce. The main priority of the internship experience is to provide students with a professional learning experience in which they gain new knowledge by performing tasks, working on projects, completing other on-the-job learning experiences in a professional work environment, and through mentoring. Internships also provide students new to the field of early childhood development with the opportunity to test a tentative career choice. Successful internship experiences combine training and purposeful project assignments. Interns need to be focused, purposeful roles to keep them motivated, learning, and helping to meet organizational objectives. Thus, a successful internship program utilizes best practices that are in place prior to the arrival of the student intern and sustained until the end of the internship.


Community Partnership Internship Handbook



For a list of approved schools for an internship, please click here.

*As a result of issues involving COVID-19 we are not actively promoting the internship program.  This information will be updated based on the changes of the COVID status per state regulations.

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