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for the ECE Professional

Scholarships Currently Closed!  



General Education Scholarship 


Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of young children? Do you dream of pursuing an Associates Degree of Science in Early Childhood Education? We have great news for you! The General Education Scholarship is offering an incredible opportunity to pursue your dreams while eliminating the financial burden of General Education courses.


With our scholarship, you can complete your General Education requirements at no cost, allowing you to focus on your core studies in Early Childhood Education. This means more time and resources to dedicate to gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in your chosen field.

Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for this scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • All Students: 

    • Must enter the Associate's Degree Program (Application Fee will be waived)

  • New or Active Students: 

    • Need to be registered or have completed two or more Residency course requirements.(ECE Courses) 

  • Past Students:  

    • Must have completed four or more Residency course requirements. (ECE Courses)

    • Minimum of a C letter grade for residency courses is required to be eligible for scholarship

Scholarship Details

Scholarship Benefits

By being awarded the General Education Scholarship, you will enjoy a multitude of benefits that will shape your academic journey and future career:

  1. Financial Relief:

    • Complete your General Education courses at no cost, saving you valuable funds that can be invested in other educational expenses.

    • Excluding the Semester Tech fee and Transfer of Credit fee

  2. Support your Core Studies:

    • Eliminate the stress of the cost of General Education courses, allowing you to concentrate on building a solid foundation in Early Childhood Education.

  3. Personalized Support:

    • Receive guidance and support for your Degree pathway from experienced faculty members and mentors committed to your success.

  4. Networking Opportunities:

    • Connect with fellow scholarship recipients, faculty, and professionals in the field, expanding your network and opening doors to potential career opportunities.

Application Process

Application Process

Scholarship Currently Closed

Apply to general admission application if not already done so (Skip if already completed)

  1. Must obtain Student ID before next steps 

Fill out Associates Degree Application

  1. Download Application

  2. Fill out





Complete General Scholarship Form

  1. Attach filled out Associates Degree Application

  2. Provide a personal statement highlighting your passion for Early Childhood Education and why you believe you are a deserving candidate for the scholarship. (Up to 200 words)

  3. Submit the complete application 

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A selection committee will carefully review all applications, and finalists will be contacted via their registered contact information (Email, Phone, or Mail)

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