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Education is an investment in yourself and your future. While securing financing can be a challenge, Theoria Technical College is committed to helping identify the best way to fund your educational journey. 




Tuition per Course (2020 Academic Year, beginning with January 2020): Includes registration & tuition

  • All ECE Courses (including Major Core & ECE electives): $325

  • Undergraduate Lower Division Courses: $1,120

  • *Standard fees and book costs apply

For a full list of fees, please read our catalog below



Theoria Technical College is proud to be a yellow ribbon school and it is a privilege for us to provide support for those who serve. That is why we are proud to offer a discount to active duty personnel or veterans of the U.S. Military and National Guard and their eligible dependents at a rate of 25% off of tuition costs.



In keeping with our values of equity, equality, and inclusion, Theoria Technical College seeks to attract a diverse group of students who will thrive in this learning environment. Through the generosity of numerous donors who believe in the mission of Theoria Technical College, we are pleased to offer scholarship assistance to support your academic journey and to reward your academic excellence. The award amounts of these grants varies based on need and the funds do not need to be paid back. Learn more about scholarship and grant opportunities at Theoria Technical College below.

There are NO current Scholarships or Grants available

  • COVID-19 Early Education Scholarship   (2nd Round)     | August 2020 - September 2020         | Past Due

  • COVID-19 Early Education Scholarship   (1st Round)      | June 2020 - July 2020                           | Past Due

  • Winter Special                                                                        | January 2020                                         |Past Due



Currently we do not offer financial aid.

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