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Students are trained to instruct and care for infants and children from birth to Kindergarten in a early childhood environment such as a Preschool, Child Care Center, Infant Care Center, or other child development facilities using class assignments designed to promote the needed social, physical, emotional, intellectual, and cognitive growth in order for children to be better prepared to enter a primary school environment. View our enrollment plans.

Early Childhood Education Program 

Early Childhood Education Program includes the following:

- Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education (60 units program.  Students may transfer in up to 36 units)

- ECE/CDA-100 Child Growth and Development (3 ECE Units)

- ECE/CDA-200 Child, Family, and Community (3 ECE Units)

- ECE/CDA-300 Program Curriculum Theories, Methods, and Materials (3 ECE Units)

- ECE/CDA-400 Infant/Toddler Development and Care (3 ECE Units)

- ECE/CDA-500 Early Childhood Program Administration and Management (3 ECE Units)

- ECE/CDA-600 Preventive Health, Safety, and Nutrition with Pediatric First-Aid and CPR (3 ECE Units)

View our enrollment plans.

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Enrollment Plan

Individual Student Enrollment: This delivery is the most common with individual students enrolling in the classes they need when they need them.


Enrollment Plan

This delivery method is for schools and programs that would like to train their teachers of 25 or more, on one subject, at one time.  There is a discount given for schools and programs who enroll a group of students with this method.

This delivery method is for schools and programs that would like to enroll various students, in various classes throughout the year.  There is a minimum requirement of 200 classes within a 12 months time frame.  A discount is given for this program. Corporate Educational Plan (200 or more classes, various classes, various students for up to 12 months)


 (200 or more classes, various classes, various

students for up to 12 months)

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